The Residency’s – Spice jar recently conducted Awadhi Food fest this December that took us on a palate journey,

Myself and other food bloggers were invited to experience the Awadhi cuisine.

The place was well lit with golden lights, hanging lanterns, fairy lights and decorated with the feel of Lucknow in itself. Pretty Impressive.

Before we sat down to dine, We walked around the buffet.One thing that took me by wave was their Biriyani. I am that Biriyani-Person who loves to explore different regional Biriyanis.Was very much excited to get my hand on Biriyani. Though the spread wasn’t much exciting enough, The Biriyani kept my hopes up.

After a small tour around the dishes, We sat down for our meal.

Glad that Chef sat with us explaining about the dishes that we were served and also He shared his experiences. It was a good convo.

Starting with the starters,
Bhatti wali murgh | Chapli kebab | stuffed mushrooms

Bhatti wali murgh was hung curd mixed with spices and saffron based kebab.I’m not much of a curd on the chicken person but this much satisfying along with the chutney they served.

Chaplu Kebab was made of minced meat kebab. Went on well with the chutney dip.

Stuffed Mushrooms were more like tandoori Mushrooms. It was presented well.

Moving on to the mains,
They had a lot to offer but I was stuck to Biriyani!
Murgh Dun Biriyani | Lucknowi Mutton Biriyani | Masala kabuli Pulao

The best thing about Lucknowi Biriyani is that There are No Irritants such as cardamom or other masala that spoils your Biriyani experience. Its just pure Meat and Rice with infused Spices and flavours. How peaceful is that? Perfect!

I loved their Mutton Biriyani. Perfectly spiced and flavoured and the meat was just juicy. It was such a heavenly experience I’d say. The chicken Biriyani was equally good too but not as great as Mutton.

For the vegetarians, They offer you Veg Pulao.The best Biriyani alternative a vegetarian could get.


They also served Bone Marrow stew with some kind of saffron bread that was so blissful combo.

After a satisfying Biriyani meal, Chef reminded us of the desserts.

Who says no to Desserts? Got to try their,
Matka kulfi | Phirni | Kala Jamun

Matka kulfi was good, Gives you that pure desi feel accompanied by Phirni.
Such a delight.

Overall, Being a Diehard Biriyani lover, I must admit it was very much above satisfaction.