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Why I Fell in love with Hampi.

Posted by September 2, 2018

Hampi has been on my travel list for very long and I’ve spent hours watching videos about the place getting to know more. One fine day I decided to hit that place no matter what. I gave a quick call to my buddies and without any hesitation, they surprisingly said YES! So within minutes, we booked the travel and room tickets. It was all quick decision which…

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Chennai – THEN & NOW

Posted by July 2, 2016

In the past 375 years since it came into being, Madras has changed way beyond the imagination of its founding fathers. An Indian photographer, Raunaq Mangottil, has clicked photographs of Chennai. And these are not just photographs that hold aesthetic value, but it makes you realise the change that city has undergone over the years. When you look at it, you would realize that so…

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Traveling the world while in your 20s is possibly one of the most carefree experiences that you will ever have. This is not to say that traveling becomes any less enjoyable as you get older; it’s just different. Now at 29, I simply don’t have the patience to share a dorm with 20 other snoring and highly sexually active backpackers, and I don’t have the…

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