The Wharf by Radisson Blu has now been revamped to The Wharf 2.0. The boring Wharf has now got a facelift with all those quirky colours and funky decors. I really did love the Ambiance and surroundings. You get a feel which is very similar to Goan Shack.

We, foodies, were invited to try the New Wharf 2.0 which also has updated their menu.

It was a long drive all the way from Tnagar to Mahabalipuram. After reaching the place, it felt like a perfect getaway for the weekend. Beachside resto bars are alway to its point. The wharf has both outdoor seating and thatched dining area at its centre. The thatched area has its own space for the chefs and can occupy almost 50 pax.

The place looked more like a beach facing Shack and minimal colourful decors. I was pretty impressed by the quirkiness of the place. Since it was open-air dining, due to the mild humidity, It wasn’t very comfy. But I’m sure this place will be all Lit up during the nights. I would suggest you try this place for dinner.

We were presented with the set menu and while we were waiting for the food, We had ordered some drinks, to begin with.
Beach Punch | Sunkissed | Hurricane | Big Wave

Out of the 4 drinks, I loved the Beach punch. Not so pretty looking but sure did impress with whats inside. A coconut based cocktail with Bacardi and Malibu with the hint of Coconut cream. Such a blissful drink I’d say. Rest of the cocktails were good too. Proper blend.

For food, we were provided with chef spl set menu with 5-course meal starting from amuse Bouche to Desserts.

Amuse Bouche, We had a small ball of Rava topped with Green chilly chutney. Very simple dish yet so satisfying.

Surprisingly, We were served with Few of starters before the soup.

For the Starters, we had,

Panko crumbed Calamari | Sutta Kozhi Milagu | Aloo Shakarkand ki chilgoza ki Tikki | Fish chunks in an Elephant garlic & mustard spice | Khatte meethe Aloo | Bhutte
Aur Gajar ke sheek

Deep fried panko crumbed calamari served with Aioli (garlic Mayo) was something I felt perfect along with drinks and chilling ambience. The panko was blended will with proper spices and was thick enough that gelled well with Calamari.

Sutta Kozhi Milagu was a factor! Felt Very much like what my mom cooks with similar masala and spices. Tender and Juicy chicken spiced up perfectly. A good surprise from the chef.

Aloo Shakarkand Tikki was a sweet potato based tikki. I wasn’t very fond of this one by its name. Also, wasn’t very visually appealing BUT! the first bite I had, I was surprised as it tasted like how a perfection would taste.Served along with mint chutney and peanut chutney was just an added advantage.A great attempt by the chef. Truly Appreciable.

Corn and Carrot sheek tasted good but something made it incomplete. maybe a mayo-like dip would have been better instead of the chutneys.

Fish chunks were way too huge and were not well marinated inside with spices yet the top was brushed with elephant garlic and mustard spice combination made it taste scrumpteous.

The Khatte meethe Aloo were just baby potatoes with slightly spicy skin. Nothing fancy.

After the starters, We had a macha based soup,

Thai macha green soup, was not very fond by its name but when i had the first sip, It blew me off! Perfection is what it was made of.

Moving on to the Mains,
Corn Marinated chicken lemon pepper & Celery beurre blanc | Assorted Bread basket| Dal Makhani | Vegetable curry

The chicken was served along with smoked rice which was totally worth it.Mildly spiced chicken stuffed along with Lemon pepper and Celery beurre blanc. Loved the smoky flavours.
Dal makhani is usually preferred but here I loved their Vegetable curry way too much. If you’re a vegitarian, I would recommend this.

Put an end to this wonderful chill dine with a unique dessert,
Turmeric and Palm Jaggery Frappe Mousse


I was very excited by its name and was very eager to try it. As it arrived, I was not amazed by its look but the first spoon of it shook me! woah ! Hit me with nostalgia. The same taste as Masala paal which mom makes. Very much unique kinda mousse. I always love different things and No regrets.

Overall, This place is a proper weekend getaway and chilling spot with your friends, or maybe for a date night.Being a Star property,Obviously the rates are on the higher end but it sure is worth it.

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