Before we get into this topic, Lemme tell you something which might be hard for you to Digest!

  • You have been eating chocolate the wrong way all these years!
  • If You’re from India, I’m sorry I have a bad news for you.India mostly produces Compound Chocolate, which in other words is a Fake chocolate.
  • A piece of real chocolate is enough to satisfy your chocolate craving if you eat it properly.
  • You get what you pay for. Hence, Quality.
  • Most of the Chocolatiers add no extra flavours to their chocolate.
  • Pure Chocolates has no Expiry date as its product of a plant.
  • There is no such thing as White Chocolate.

Surprising ? Never mind, Hoping this article might help you out about chocolates.

Cocoatrait owned by L Nitin Chordia, Conducted a Chocolate Tasting workshop at Intercontinental Chennai.
A very informative session by Nitin himself.

To those who don’t know him, Nitin is India’s 1st certified Chocolate Taster and judge at the Intercontinental chocolate Awards, London. Nitin along with his wife also operates Asia’s only Integrated chocolate school called Cocoashala.

And, Intercontinental Chennai, Wow Such a beautiful place.

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Firstly, I would like to Thank Cocoatrait and Intercontinental Chennai for having me there.

The session was started with a Presentation on How to taste a chocolate followed by a recreation of a 200 years old Mayan recipe used during Cocoa ceremony and then a Four-course meal with a hint of chocolate in every dish.


This session was indeed one of the most informative and non-boring ones I have experienced and First of its kind in the Country!

The Presentation took us through the virtual tour of what a Chocolate is and How it is made.

How is chocolate made?

It was very surprising to know that Chocolate is made from a seed of which the fruit ( Cocoa Pod ) looks like a Papaya and the seed is covered like that of a custard apple’s fruit. The fruit itself is tasty but no hint of the chocolate product yet.

Let me not stress on this.The following are the steps involved in the making of chocolate.

Cocoa pod – Seeds fermented – Roasting of seeds – Grind – Tempered – mould – Hence, Chocolate is made.

The video below featuring Nitin might be a little help on how its made.

Right after the intro about Cocoa, moved on to the Chocolate Tasting.We were given some chocolate samples from different regions and a different proportion of chocolate. Nitin Helped us on how a chocolate should be tasted. The Below picture might help You with it.

How to Taste Chocolate?

Here’s a hint of what we got to taste.Such salivative pic.Haha.

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One by One, We had to taste the chocolates provided. It was such a blissful experience. All of the chocolates were naturally flavoured. ( Except for the last two)
Oops. I forgot to mention this. Legends say, Chocolates are generally not Flavored but still contains natural fruity flavours based on What farm its grown on and depending on the region.

Example, If the chocolate is grown along with Banana farm, The chocolate naturally attains the flavours hinting banana! A miracle.

This presentation was truly very informative.

Right after a small break, Nitin along with the Chef of Intercontinental Chennai recreated a Chocolate based drink that was created by the Mayans 200 years back even before the actual chocolate was invented. This drink was consumed during the Cocoa ceremony back then and this drink literally gets you Runner’s high. Woah! Alternate for Liquor maybe?

Not the end yet. We were seated for the lunch.

A special fusion of Cocoatrait’s Chocolates and Intercontinental’s Chef. The Chef creative ideas make wonders. We got to try chef’s spl four-course meal.

Churrios | Braised Red wine & Orange Beet | Chocolate Ravioli | Smoked cheese & Mushroom filled baby spring Chicken Breast | Textures of Chocolates

Churrios was served along with two dips, One of Chocolate and the other, Pistachios and white chocolate. Churros were soft and perfect. Went on well with the dips.

The beet didn’t seem to impress me much. It was good enough when had with the smoked yoghurt that was served along though.

Chocolate Ravioli was served with a base of grape garlic syrup along with raw banana chips on top.It was in a way differently satisfying.

After all the sweetness, I did crave for something spicy. Then came the Chicken breast. Master chef like food I’d call it. Cooked to perfection and tasted really good. Excelled by the Chef.

The next best thing is their signature ” Textures of Chocolate “. A plate of too many Chocolates in different forms.


Chocolate Ganache | Chocolate balls with Orange marmalade within | Coco nibs | Raspberry | scoop of banana ice cream.

This is a plate of art I’d say. You have to be an artist to have this with perfection.
Chef directed us on how to have this dish. Starting with the Chocolate Ganache, And then mix of Ganache with the nibs, Chocolate balls and Raspberry and then everything together. A wow factor it was.Bliss. All I could feel was those stars over my head.

Overall, Such a wonderful Experience.After attending this workshop, Everytime I have chocolate, It’s a satisfying experience and I can gladly say I now know what a Real Chocolate is.Intercontinental Chennai has planned to organise more of such workshops that might blow up your imagination.

Are you Salaivating already? Let me help you out a bit on suggesting some good chocolates to try and expereince the REAL CHOCOLATE FEEL.



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