Mamagoto being everyone’s favourite in the pan Asian section, Has now introduced the Maki rolls.

Maki rolls were that one thing that was missing from their menu being an Asian And now, Wow! They serve one of the best maki rolls in Chennai.

I was invited over to try their newly introduced maki sushi rolls.To those new to the term Maki rolls, Its nothing but a Sushi wrapped in Nori along with vinegared rice and choice of meat/vegetable.

Mamagoto being a people’s favourite Asian restaurant spread all over India, Chennai’s Mamagoto is the first to be introduced with Maki rolls. Proud Moment.

Mamagoto in one quirky place. All colourful yet wooden touch to the decors makes the place look different and appealing. They have these weird Japanese paintings hung unevenly on their walls and also on the ceiling. Wow. 10/10 on the ambience.

Before we got started, They gave us chopsticks with instructions on how to use it.


We started our palate journey with their mocktails.

Kiwi and Mint cooler | Orange Sangria | Cranberry and Lime punch | Passionfruit and Orange Cooler

Mamagoto has a good choice of mocktails from their mocktail bar. Among the drinks mentioned, Kiwi and Mint cooler was of my choice. kiwi and mint blended well. As you take it to your taste buds, You’d feel the kiwi pulp and that tinge to your palate makes it a perfect drink.

Moving on to their Maki Rolls,
We got to try both the Veg and non-veg maki rolls also their Bento box.

Veg Maki Rolls :

Asparagus Tempura| Crispy Mushroom | Cucumber and Spicy Cream Cheese

I am not much fond of veg sushis but these maki rolls served here are a little surprise. In fact, I loved it. Crispy Mushroom tops my list. Mushrooms well chopped and spiced along with the vinegar rice was a good surprise. The other two choices were equally good.

Non-veg Maki Rolls :

Katsu Chicken | California Roll | Ebi Tempura

Not every restaurant severs good sushi. I remember having the worst sushi but realized there are good sushi too. And, This place is one of it which serves good sushi.
From the non-veg section, I loved the California Roll, Crabmeat based maki roll. perfectly made and the use of tobiko made it taste perfect along with the crab meat.
Ebi Tempura was a prawn based maki roll. Deep fried crunchy prawns surrounded with rice and lil flavours. Good one. Also, the Katse chicken was well flavoured and tasted so yum.

Apart from the Maki rolls, We also tried their Bento Box.Both veg and Non-veg version. the bento box is nothing but a full meal box which comes along with Rice served with salads, Starters, Stew and curries.


Moving on to their best part, Desserts!

The Home-made American Style Chunky Caramel Sponge Cake | Squidgy Chocolate Mudpie | Banoffee Pie | Mama’s Home-made Chocolate Cake 


One does not simply leave Mamagoto without trying their Mama’s spl Chocolate cake.It’s as delicious as it looks.
The caramel sponge cake was served with Warm Toffee Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream. Another good dessert option if you prefer something other than chocolate.Squidgy Chocolate Mudpie was my personal favourite.Perfectly Chocolatey and gooey.Loved it till the last scoop of it.banoffee pie wasn’t much Impressive though.

Its a must go place for some good Asian food. And if you are willing to try out sushi, Go for it. Served the purpose why we were there. Impressive Maki sushi rolls.

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