When we first met, I knew something would keep me hanging.. I remember, it was my first date to some not-so-Famous-place. I wasn’t much of a food freak back then, So I was suggested to try their Biriyani and won’t regret later.

“Anna rendu plate Biriyani!”.. that enthusiasm excited Me! I was dead hungry, All I could think of was FOOD.

As our food arrived,
I felt the aroma of it coming towards me, and the way she upturn the pot over her plate, some generous amount of raita and Mirchi ka salaan. Mixing all together with the biriyani and there she gulps down her first bite, exhales in pleasure while shaking her head. Amazing was the word! Thats where I fell!.. I literally fell!! …

Days passed and since then, biryani became our routine..Biryani in summer can do things to your heart. As you take the very first gulp,The spice slides down giving you that bliss moment leaving a tingling sensation and somehow make you crave for more. The meat succulent, flavorful and hot makes you go in for multiple helpings.

I fell so deep that , I started to explore more of it. The Hyderabadi, lucknowi,Malabar, Dindugal,Kolkata.. and of course Muslim Bhai Biriyani still tops my list.

I still remember the days when I used to hate Biriyani.That very first plate during my childhood, It was all dry yellow rice, with spicy chicken and a wet-cooked masalapaste at the bottom of the haandi. I hadn’t enjoyed that. And yet I had nodded approvingly when others questioned me after their first bite. You think of how much your taste has changed in a matter of months and throughout the mad food expedition that you have been on.

Years passed, Egos Clashed, We drifted…but there’s that one thing I kept clinging to. Yes. The biriyani.

You decide to stop thinking. You haul yourself out of bed and to go find food.” It’s going to be a biryani” the voice in me says.

The steaming plate is piled high with lamb that threatens to wreck havoc on your taste buds. Your mouth waters and it will not be distracted by your big show of squeezing fresh juice from a lime all over the rice. You dip your fingers and pop a palm-ful of it in your mouth.

“Maybe it was biryani,” you think to yourself

Your friend spots the expression on your face and says, “You’re in love with biryani…”

Maybe it is always biryani.

I have made a lot of mistakes falling in love, and regretted most of them, but never the spices that went with my biryani.