I’ve had heard a lot about this place for their DJ nights but never have actually been here as I’m more of a food person and not a party hopper. But, Now, No more DJ Nights! woah ! I didn’t see that coming.


I was Invited over to try their new revamped menu inspired by different kitchens from around the globe.

I had no expectations as I am not very fond of star property’s food.Not many have been impressive enough, But this one sure got me! I was very surprised by their offerings.

A Very classic place with 2 levels where the 1st level is where the bartender plays his show while the 2nd is majorly for food lovers where they have a live kitchen and stuff. A pretty impressive place with a royal dim light ambience which parallelly sets up the fun mood in you.It did boost happy vibes in me.

I didn’t want to keep my palate on hold so I quickly ordered my drink to begin with,

Heard it through the Grapevine“, a Vodka based drink blended with Grape and lime.Initially, it wasn’t much surprising but as I kept sipping, It felt good.

Also tried few of my friend’s cocktails,

L.A Women | White Rabbit | Sweet Child of Mine

L.A Women, A whiskey based drink along with coconut cream and espresso.A lil too concentrated but a coffee lover would surely love this.

White Rabbit, a popcorn cocktail! wow! kala khatta like cocktail which actually had popcorn over it.This was my personal favourite while my friends enjoyed sweet child of mine.

Moving on to the best part of the day, Yes! Food!

We had a 3-course meal where each dish has its own speciality from their origin,


Singapore slaw salad | Tandoori Tarbooza | Steamed pork and prawn shumai | Wok fried chicken

First came in the Singapore Slaw Salad from their Asian Delicacies.The chef himself brought in the ingredients and mixed the salad for us.It was made up of crispy Vermicelli that was mixed along with pickled ginger, taro and apricot dressing.Once the salad was mixed, It tasted so good as the vermicelli was semi crispy with a hint of sogginess.Tasted slight tangy and good.

Tandoori Tarbooza ( Watermelon ) is Flying Elephant’s signature and most prefered by people.A very unique kinda appetizer. Watermelon kept over tandoor and grilled to perfection, Marinated well with spices and hung curd. The spicy layer is formed on the top and once you bite the watermelon, the sweetness blends well with the spices.Different experience.

Wok fried chicken was a simple Chinese dish yet so toothsome.Chicken tossed in a wok along with veggies and proper spices that makes it proper Chinese.Cooked to perfection!

Steamed pork and prawn shumai was another favo of mine.Another traditional Chinese dish, a type of dumplings made of steamed pork and prawns, Topped with Roe (Fish eggs) was a satisfaction when had along with Momo sauces.

Main Course :

Brazino in crosta di sale Erbe | Ossobucco di Agnello Alla Milanese | Wok fried tofu with Singapore chilli sauce | Zaitooni khumb Achari | Flying naan


Brazino in Crosta de sale Erbe, Haa, Such a fancy name. A healthy Italian option I’d say. Sea bass baked with just sea salt and herbs. The sea bass absorbs enough flavours from just the salt and herbs. Tasted so good. It was served along with baby potatoes and salad that sure made the dish so pleasing.

Ossobucco di Agnello Alla Milanese, Another Italian delicacy that hit my palate and my taste senses right away and made me fall in love with this dish. It is a Milanese speciality, Ossobucco meaning bone marrow, This huge shank is brought in all the way from New Zeland, Braised for 8hrs and cooked along with wine made the meat so tender and Juicy. The base, saffron Rissoto makes it a perfect combo.

Next came in the Flying Naan. Why this Name? Cos, Its Flying Elephant’s signature. Naan with a twist. Fusion of breads. Pizza in disguise I’d call it. This was a very impressive huge naan that is baked like a pizza in a brick oven and topped with mozzarella and other pizza toppings. Tasted so good even without any sides. We also got to try their sides, Zaitooni Khumb Achari, A pickled gravy made with button mushrooms and Pickled olives.So satisfying.

Wok fried tofu with Singapore chilli sauce was served with jasmine rice. I m not fond of the smell of the tofu yet the dish was really well cooked and I literally didn’t care about the stink and kept hogging along with the rice.

Desserts :

Peanut butter Brownie with peanut butter ice cream | Caramelized Banana Cake

The names of the desserts seemed boring and didn’t expect much but what came to our table surprised me!

A pan of Peanut butter brownie with two scoops of peanut butter ice cream.Tasted so heavenly. I kept craving for more after every scoop.

Caramelized Banana Cake, Something which was least expected turned out to be a show stopper. Who would expect a Banana cake to be this awesome than it already is? Caramelized banana cake with more flamed caramel. very much Pleasing visually and palate sense wise.

Overall, I truly enjoyed this experience and The Flying Elephant currently tops my list of Fine dining in a star property.