Hampi has been on my travel list for very long and I’ve spent hours watching videos about the place getting to know more. One fine day I decided to hit that place no matter what. I gave a quick call to my buddies and without any hesitation, they surprisingly said YES! So within minutes, we booked the travel and room tickets. It was all quick decision which all happened in minutes. Thanks to Prem, Kritaj, MakeMyTrip and RedBus.  

This trip was totally unplanned and I was very excited without any expectations.
Boarded our bus by 7 pm and it was 14 hrs bumpy ride. Our bus stopped at Hospet instead of Hampi even though the ticket says Chennai-Hampi. When enquired about this to the bus management, they said no private bus is allowed inside Hampi. So the only easy way to Hampi is via Hospet. A 30min drive from Hospet. We can either opt Auto or Local Bus. 
10:00 AM
We choose to travel by bus which cost us Rs.10 per person.

Hinting Hampi : 

Hampi is one of those Travel Destination which will surprise you with every turn you take. A UNESCO World Heritage site located near Hospet town in Karnataka state, India. Among the attractions of Hampi are beautiful temples, ruins of palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, bastions, royal platforms, treasury buildings… the list is practically endless. Hampi is a backpacker’s paradise, the same way a pilgrim’s delight.
10:30 AM
We had to get down at Kamalapur(a town next to Hampi) as we had our stay booked at Mayura Bhuvaneshwari KSTDC, Kamalapur, which was the only place available near Hampi with AC rooms. But, I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are really looking for some sophisticated rooms with AC facility. The hotel and the management were good but just that, There was no Hampi feel inside the Hotel. The best stay will be Home stay kinds within Hampi island which has no sophistication but will totally be worth the experience.
As we got down from the bus, A strong smell of Baking pastries was very inviting. We immediately followed that smell which led us to a bakery where we found some amazing “Huge Cream biscuits”. packed some for later. We walked to our Hotel and freshened up to begin our journey. We had nothing planned until we stepped out of the room But I must admit everything fell in its place.



Itinerary for Day 1 :

Cross to the Other side of the River – Lunch (Laughing Buddha) – Hippie Island – Headed back to Virupaksha temple – Sunset – Walk on the streets exploring street foods – Back to Room.
1:00 PM 
Boarded a local bus to Hampi Bazaar which stops by Virupaksha temple.
I was stunned by the Beauty of this place. Every turn you take has something interesting. As we got down, First things first, We decided to munch on something, So got some local eats.


Enquired about the boat that would take us to the other side of the river, The hippie island. But unfortunately, the autorickshaw walas said there is no boat available this time as the river was flooded. And we were asked to travel 30km by road to reach the other side. Disappointed, But Hey! We didn’t let out intuitions down! We still went for the boat and surprisingly There was one boat available! Yay! Just that we had to pay a lil extra.100 instead of Rs.50 per person.Nvm.Can anytime pay a lil extra for Happiness. ^_^ 


2:00 PM 
As we landed on the other side of the river, We found a place to hire two-wheelers right on the bank of the river. People here are very jovial. Immediately hired two Scooters which was Rs.250 each but we bargained down to 200. And Rs.100 extra for petrol.
2:30 PM
Headed to Laughing Buddha for lunch as we were starving. Painting of Lord Shiva with the chant “Om Namah Shivaya” gave us a warm welcome.



A chill place with amazing Riverside view. Walls with super cool trippy paintings, trance music playing in the backdrop and Place filled with positive vibes. We ordered a Pizza, Chilly chicken, Hot chocolate and Black Coffee. We had to patiently wait for almost an hour but hey! They also have some board games to wind up time. We instead chose to admire the place and talk to each other. Nothing to rave about the food here. It was pretty much below average but the place took over all the emotions and gave us that satisfaction with No regrets.


4:00 PM
As we stepped out, Heard the Clouds murmuring with Haze, hush in the evening began. And as we triggered our engine, There was a hint of rain.

“Mountains, Hills, Rocks and sand. A sweet ride parallel to the greens with a dash of drizzle.” I have no words for the experience but felt.

We were craving for some good desserts and headed to the Old German bakery but unfortunately, they were out of stock on the desserts so we opted for a Peanut butter shake and Cold coffee.


4:30 PM
We next headed to Hippie Island. We had to ride through the rocks and uneven paths which was an amazing experience and hint of rain made it even better.
It was lil tricky to climb up the slippery rocks due to the rain yet we managed to hit the highest peak possible. Midway, found few ppl practising rock climbing with some good music. Breathtaking view of the whole town was visible halfway through. While returning, We made a stop and took a break enjoying the view. Mild Trance Music along with some peaceful sight & the View blended so well. It got even better when it started to Drizzle over us. And No. We didn’t hide from the rain, Instead, we let our skin sink into it! 


Raindrops along with some realizations hit me. We never planned for anything and the best feel comes unexpectedly. Felt so grateful to experience such beauty.


We spent some time admiring this beauty and then the reality hit us. It was 5:15 PM and we had to cross the river by 5:30 as the last boat was scheduled at 5:30 PM. We had no intention to leave this place and we turned into sloths regretting to move. By the time we walked down, It was already 5:30 and with hesitations, we drove back to the point where the road was divided into left and right. Left, that takes us to the bank of the river, Whereas Right, takes us deeper into the town. None of us had our heart to leave the place. It was either Stay Or Leave. So, We decided to Stay and take the 30km roadways later to reach the other side. So without any regrets, we took the right turn. Moved ahead without any destination. As we drove a lil further, We found a cafe, Gauthami, the name was familiar and hopped in. Chilled for a while with some espresso. It was almost 6 PM when we left the cafe. We were very much satisfied with the day, So we decided to leave and try our luck on the boat.


We returned our bikes and headed to the bank of the river for the boat. Had no hopes of crossing the river yet gave it a try. The driver declined but our fellow friend “Sri” from whom we hired the bike helped us convincing the Boat guy. And voot!! it worked. Though they hiked the price to 500, we bargained for a lil and paid 100 per head. that was the same price we paid to land here. So a good deal. ^_^


6:10 PM
As we crossed the river, we got an amazing view of the sun which was about to set. The reflections on the water with a background of rocks and Greens were so blissful to experience.
We didn’t want to miss the sunset so we headed to the top of the Virupaksha temple. Chose a spot that would give us perfect view of the sunset and let the time pass slowly. It was very peaceful to sit back, relax and watch the sun go down slowly with chants of Shiva mantra in the background. Took a deep breath, let it out with satisfaction and told myself “this has been one of the best experience one could feel.”  



As the Sun went down, We saw the moon come up. More of a full moon day.So Beautiful. Felt like, Everything that happened was so beautifully scripted by God for us. 


7:00 PM
Being foodies, We wanted to explore some good street foods. We walked towards the bazaar to explore some street foods.
Tried Capsicum bajji, Mangalore Bonda and Sugarcane juice. Each priced at Rs. 20. Capsicum bajji was topped with chopped tomatoes, onions and hint of chat masala. Loved it.


8:00 PM
After some wandering, We decided to munch at The Mango tree which was suggested by many. One common thing that every restaurant/cafe here is, they have a couch like seating on the floor where you can just jump in and relax, Also the Paintings hung on the walls are so beautifully trippy.



Note: You get Non-veg food only on the other side of the river (crossing the river).

We wanted to start with desserts, Ordered Banoffee Pie and Banana Nutella Pancake followed by Paneer paratha. 
I liked the banoffee pie which wasn’t the usual Bannofee pie but decently good. Pancake was good too. We were too full already as all we did was Eat since the beginning of this trip. The paratha we ordered was more like stuffed poori. Wasn’t much appealing.
9:00 PM
After the dinner, We decided to head back to the room. There were no local buses as it was late and we had to hire an Autorickshaw. We weren’t satisfied to pay 150 bucks initially for a small distance. But hey! That was one of the best and creepiest ride. Another amazing experience. 
Bumpy ride with no lights on the Roads and Creepy Ruins on the sides of the roads just added excitement to the experience. I would totally recommend an Auto ride in the night. Go for it!
Reached room by 9:30 PM and on the way, we got some snacks and Biryani for the night. Also, some more Cream Biscuits from the same Bakery. It was a Fun filled night making plans for the next day and fun talks. 

Day 2 : 

We had planned for early morning sunrise at Mathangi Hills. But unfortunately, as we slept late, We couldn’t be up by 5:30 AM and had to miss the sunrise.

Itenary for day 2: 

Vacate the room – Vittala Temple – lunch ( Tamarind tree) – Break – Hospet – Board the Bus
We planned to visit a few places but due to time constraint, we ended up visiting only the Vittala Temple, the most extravagant architectural showpiece of Hampi.
Vittala, after whom the temple is known, is a form of Lord Vishnu. The stone chariot was one of major attraction there.
10:30 AM
We hired an auto from Kamalpur bus stop as no buses were available at that time. It was 8kms ride. We were dropped at Vittala Temple’s Entrance. It was a 2km walk from the Entrance. There was a van arranged for to and fro from the entrance but we walked all the way admiring the ruins on the way. I would recommend you to walk as there are some major photography spots that will be missed if you take the van.


We picked up some fruits for breakfast and started our walk towards the temple. Such a beautiful place that made me realize God exists as no normal human match the beauty of perfection we came across. Every other place we passed by was a wow factor. 
The entrance ticket cost Rs.40 per Indian, Else if you’re a foreigner, its Rs.600.
The iconic temple has amazing stone structures such as the incomparable stone chariot and the fascinating musical pillars. This predominant monument of Hampi is a major attraction of the ruined town and is a must-see for visitors and tourists. 



It was a tiring walk around the temple and we were very exhausted. We took the van to get back to the entrance. 
1:30 PM
From the Vittala Temple, We headed to Tamarind Tree for lunch. Tried their Spl Thali which had lots happening within the plate. They have amazing black coffee which I would recommend. Also tried their veg cheese momos and Gobi Manchurian.
It was almost 2 PM and we had to board the bus back to Chennai from Hospet at 5 PM.So we headed back to our Hotel to chill with a beer and vacated at 4 PM.
On our way to the bus stop, we stopped by for Tea. One amazing Tea I would say with which we had to Bid Goodbye to Hampi. It was a very hard moment to think of moving out of this pretty town. Lots of memories made and without any doubt, This trip was my most favourite trip.


Yes! We did miss lots of places. But, satisfaction is what that matters to me. I can happily say that I am more than satisfied with what I experienced. And yes! I fell in Love with this place. You will too. Will be visiting this place again soon to explore more of it. Till then Adios. 

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